Meiji Techno Meiji Cells 2D, Cells 2D Software

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Meiji Cells 2D, Cells 2D Software Get your results faster

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All you need to do is pick the image and the recipe to run

Cell Count recipe

Cells 2D Software includes Cell Count recipe, Nuclei Count recipe, Overlap Analysis and the Base Module software

Let SVCell handle the image processing tasks so you have more time for your experiments

Nuclei Count recipe

SVCell comes with several default application recipes for general image analysis purposes

The Cell Count recipe accurately counts the number of cells in fluorescence time-lapse sequences and generates morphological and intensity measurements of individual cells.

The Nuclei Count recipe provides accurate boundary definition and separation of overlapping nuclei to count nuclei in fluorescence time-lapse sequences

You can quickly reconfigure the recipe to achieve optimal detection for your data