Henpecked - #37 - Vintage Retrofit Puzzle

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Only One Available! This beautiful hardwood box with exotic wood inlay is packing a 7 moves to open 'stem to stern' style mechanical puzzle mechanism

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Designed by Kelly Snache

Internal parts are made from Bloodwood, Zebrawood, Maple, American Holly, Walnut and Purpleheart.This puzzle marks the 34th vintage retrofit design in a planned series of 100 crazy conundrums all made into vintage wood boxes

Stem to Stern means that there is no internal space for storage or further mechanisms

There is no information on who made this box originally, or where it was made.When Kelly Snache was building the internal parts for this design he was struck at how some parts reminded him of a couple of hens, and so Henpecked seemed to be the natural fit for a name

These designs can often inspire future runs and allow the mind to wander while scoping out new possibilites for mechanical mayhem.Made from Purpleheart, Maple, Mahoghany, Walnut, American Holly, Curly Maple, Wenge, Bloodwood and Zebrawood.Dimensions 6 1/4 Wide x 8 1/4 long x 3 3/4 high